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    player.setLoopCount(-1) loops only with break in N95

    like to play a short drum beat in a loop (endless) but the N95 always makes a short break when it comes to the end of the file when it restarts at the beginning.

    Maybe it's because of an old SW version I'm using in the Phone.
    Did someone ever tried the same?
    I've written a smal MidLet that simply loads the drum breat from it's
    resource folder. So the Midlet just offers to start the beat and to stop it.
    However, it is not looping the sound without a break inbetween...
    Is someone willing to try the midlet I've written to verify the problem?

    Thanks, Karsten

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    Re: player.setLoopCount(-1) loops only with break in N95

    Same problem here!

    Anyone have a fix?

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