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    enums should have their numeric values in the documentation

    I got an Avkon panic, no 70. So I look in the aknpanic.h file. The panics are listed allright, butI had to do the counting myself. This is error prone and rather silly.

    Further, as there are no symbolics, the debugger is no help either.

    What I would like to see is some indication of the numerical value of each enum, for instance as a comment after it.

    Sander van der Wal
    mBrain Software

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    Re: enums should have their numeric values in the documentation

    We all have been shouting from quite some time(I started Symbian programming in mid 2004) to get the documentation fixed,but still the standards of the documentation is rock bottom.Check for instance the TKeyCode enum.
    If some one wants to trap a key code and check the specific enum all the calculations need to be done.
    God only knows when the documentation(am just sticking to header documentation,forget about developer documentation) will improve!!

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