I have used several mobile devices for VoIP, even N800 which is great pease of work! In N800 greating SIP account is wery easy and it works, but in E90 it is nightmare. Does anyone ever made a VoIP call whit SIP?

I use Trixbox VoIP server ( Asterisk).

My settings:
SIP account name example: 12345
Mode name : SIP-NUM-12345
Service mode : IETF
Access point by default : Your access point WIFI
Public user name : sip:12345@ip_of_Trixbox
Use the compression : No
Registration : Always active
Use security : No

Proxy server:
Proxy server address : sip:ip_of_Trixbox
Domain : realm
User name : 12345
Password: *****
Autorise Routing releases: Yes
Transport type : UDP
Port : 5060

Registrar server:
Server address registrar : sip:ip_of_Trixbox
Domain : Nothing
User name : 12345
Password : Nothing
Transport type : UDP
Port : 5060

Connection to trixbox whit any other SIP device or software client works, but E90 not. I must say that this so called bussiness version E90 sucks. There is so limited funktionality and this WLAN and SIP settings is bullshit. This is not ment to be tool for bussines this is tool of disaster and chaos. Please, add a UMTS module in N800 and it would be The one and Only real phone ever needed. This E90 is overprised shit. or is it Sympian which is from asshole ore what? N800 whit Linux is super and I wonder how in earth Nokia can publish this kind of phone to bussiness users?

Anyhow can anybody help us, because we ( three B.sc Tech and 2 M.Sc Tech can´t solve this)