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    N73 firmware with BT GPS.

    I'm testing a new firmware version for Nokia N73 (Ver 4.0726.2.0.1) and I'm having a problem connection BT GPS Reciever.

    My GPS reciever model is: RoyalTek StarIII.

    After pairing the GPS, I can't connect to the GPS and start recieving the data. In the same if I try to connect to the GPS from the phone, the operation fails until I turn off and on the GPS.

    This problem didn't occur in previous firmwares versions of the Nokia N73.
    I tried to connect to the GPS using a navigation software (Telmap).
    I'm sure that the problem is not in the navigation problem.

    Is there a way to debug the problem using AT commands? (By connecting the phone to the PC and using hypertrm or any other application).

    I need to proof that the problem is in the firmware version. I know that in this firmware, nokia made lot of changes in the BT software.

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    Re: N73 firmware with BT GPS.

    I've seen a few other people complain about the same thing (v4 N73 sw causes problems with BT GPS receivers). No solutions (until Nokia releases a newer firmware, I suppose).

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    Re: N73 firmware with BT GPS.

    I've read a lot of discussion in that topic.
    I hope that Nokia will do something this time in this issue.

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