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    Thumbnail of JPEG image for J2me application.

    Hi ,

    I am developing j2me application for creating thumbnail of Jpeg , GIF images.
    But i am getting problem if image size is large. Application through exception - "memory out of bound".

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Thumbnail of JPEG image for J2me application.


    I was looking for the same thing ..
    May be you can try the code here ..

    -- Thanks
    Kamanashis Roy

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    Re: Thumbnail of JPEG image for J2me application.

    yes some devices limit the max memory available for graphics/images.
    so u cant have like a 1 mb image size of jpeg loaded to memory using image.createImage since it translate into bit map rgb and thats way way way too much for most handsets.

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    Re: Thumbnail of JPEG image for J2me application.

    Shaii is correct about memory issues, anyway the linked code should be good since it tries to optimize memory management reading the source image row by row.


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