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    To Mr.Marko (Forum Nokia)

    Hi Mr.Marko,
    I went to Nokia service few days ago. They told me that since this model is not available in Thailand. They can't support me because they don't have software to config it. All Nokia Support Center say the same word. That's why I need help from any other country where this model available. If I got the software to config this model, I can give it to Nokia Engineer and solve the problem.

    Thanks and best regards,
    Paphat M.

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    RE: To Mr.Marko (Forum Nokia)


    Such software is not available via Forum Nokia, however I would recommend you to still contact Club Nokia for support in this case.

    Best regards,

    Marko Tuukkanen
    Forum Nokia

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    RE: To Mr.Marko (Forum Nokia)

    Don't worry, the answers from Nokia are always the same.
    If the product is not yet officially released you cannot
    expect any help from them. They always refer to Club Nokia!!!
    I've bought the new 7210 ($400) + Nokia camera HS-1C ($100)
    and all images I've took are stuck in my cell phone because
    there is no way to transfer images from 7210 to PC with IR link
    and PC Suite 5.0 (the last one for 7210). The only way is to send
    the images via MMS messages! (not free and not even possible with
    each provider!). Very bad. I'm going to sell all this stuff through
    eBay and by another brand.
    Keep cool... b-castellano@ti.com

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