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    Access Point & Packet Data Setting on Nokia 6633

    Hi Folks,

    I have successfully set the access point for my Nokia s5500 using the instructions from http://forums.mobiledia.com/topic9436.html.

    But I am have no luck on Nokia 6233. I am following

    #1. Menu -> Settings -> Configuration -> Personal Config. Settings
    to set up details for my access point ("MyAtt")
    #2. Menu -> Settings -> Configuration -> Preferred Access Point
    does NOT list my new access point ("MyAtt")
    #3. Menu -> Settings -> Connectivity -> Packet Data-> Packet data setting
    is just a free form text field. I entered "MyAtt"

    Firstly I am NOT able to give all the details in #1 to set up my access point and secondly I do NOT see this access point in the listing in #2 for the phone. Lastly, I am not sure the Packet Data in #3 is picking up my access point.

    What is that I am doing incorrectly?


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    Re: Access Point & Packet Data Setting on Nokia 6633

    Have you tried to send the correct settings for your operator through OTA?


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