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    Exclamation APS not Encoding properly for G711 U-law


    In my voip application, I am not able to do Settings of u-law properly.

    I have seen that this settings can be done via calling following two APIS
    SetDecoderMode (TAPSCodecMode aMode)
    SetEncoderMode (TAPSCodecMode aMode)

    I am able to go on with default APS mode(G711-A-law) and my VOIP call goes on perfectly.

    Then I added support for G711 U-law but I found that I was not able to hear voice on remote side properly and there was too much noise but at the same time I was able to hear voice on my E-61 device clearly.

    Then after doing loopback to the same application even I was getting the same problems.

    Finally I concluded that the Encoding was not being done properly but the decoding was being done properly.

    I would like to inform that the example bundled with the APS API(streamer) shows that We can set this Encoder/decoder Mode at any time after doing initialization.

    As my code did not worked for this scenario, I had tried to do this after initialization of APS, after starting the recorder and player after receiving packet etc...

    Any kind of help would be really great!:


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    Re: APS not Encoding properly for G711 U-law

    I am facing exactly the same issue. Decoding is done properly by APS, but Encoding is not done properly. APS encoded G.711 uLaw packets always cause noise. I tested to play the APS encoded G.711 uLaw on couple of Desktop based VoIP based softphones but the noise is always there.

    I even tried to set VAD=1 and CNG=1 but still no success.

    However if i use the Streamer Application that comes with APS and use loopback it works fine. No noise is generated. But with other softphones the noise is always present.

    So in my case loopback works fine but on other desktop based softphones i hear the noise.
    I am using APS 2.4.3 and using N95

    Kind Regards

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