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    PyS60 SiS - no mini icons visible

    Is this a feature? Is this a bug?

    Symptom: If I run a script via the Python shell, there is always the mini icon list for GSM field force and connection status on the left and battery, bluetooth etc. on the right in the top line.

    If I run the same script, now packed and installed as SIS, none of the icons above are visible anymore.


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    Re: PyS60 SiS - no mini icons visible

    The release notes of 1.4.0 describe the problem exactly.

    1458010 signal&battery bars disappear in certain standalone apps

    - If the main program of an application immediately enters a nested
    scheduler, some adverse effects may appear, such as disappearing
    signal and battery bars or the application disappearing from the
    task list. A workaround is to start the application main loop with
    the code e32.ao_sleep(0, mainloop)

    The fix works, but has other side effects.


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