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    C(or maybe also C++) to Java Converter? Any experiences?


    I don`t know java or j2me, but I know C++. I asked my self if there are any C to Java Converter. I searched for it on Google and found some projects.

    What I try might be kinda complicated / not possible. The idea is, I want to write in C or more likely C++, convert to j2me and run that code on j2me only mobile phones.

    Any chance that this is possible? Any experiences?

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    Re: C(or maybe also C++) to Java Converter? Any experiences?


    AFAIK there are some converters that allow you to convert from C to Java (JSE) code, but not for JME. My experience with such solutions is that results are not that good, though.

    It would be better to learn Java ME, it is not that hard

    Juarez Alvares Barbosa Junior - Brazil

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