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    Cold Fusion Wap sites

    Hi I've been developing a test WAP site with Coldfusion. My test pages work fine on all of the emulators. BUT not on my 7110e (version 4.8).
    Could someone try the following link (with a phone) & tell me if I've got a phone or a software problem.
    Coldfusion page http://www.etherzone.co.uk/wap/links.cfm.
    A non Coldfusion version (of same page) is http://www.etherzone.co.uk/wap/links.wml

    Posted by ian palmer, ianp@etherzone.co.uk
    on May 19, 2000 at 20:46

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    RE: Cold Fusion Wap sites

    Posted by kym, gouldie8@hotmail.com
    on May 24, 2000 at 06:17

    my cold fusion page works fine on my wap service provider but cannot load when i use another wap service provider. i was told that the problem might lie with the gateway. try using - a public gateway that supports CF.

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    7110e trouble

    I also have a problem with a 7110e it is this:

    I have content displayed on a 7110 ok, but does not work on a 7110e.

    deck sizes are between 400 - 600 bytes.

    I am displaying several wbmp images 78*48 pixels.

    It's for an animation sequence (using the timer method)

    around 5-7 cards in each deck

    It works perfectly on 7110, but not on the orange 7110e.

    Do you think it could be this phone?

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