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    RealPlayer don't play RTSP/RTP stream

    I'm doing on my own RTSP/RTP streaming server for mobile phones using H.263/AMR-NB as video/audio codecs. It works just fine everywhere except RealPlayer on S60 Nokia series (actually I'm using S60 emulator).
    RTSP negotiation works well, but when I send RTSP OK reply on PLAY command, it sends me TEARDOWN immediately. I double checked all parameters in all my responses and also compared with DSS requests. It's just the same, so I'm getting a little bit comfused and desperate.
    Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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    Re: RealPlayer don't play RTSP/RTP stream

    Which version of the S60 emulator are you using, and can it stream from m.youtube.com?

    Nokia has screwed with the IP stack on all the 3rd edition emulators, and some of the older versions were very crippled indeed. You'd be best testing on a real device.
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    Re: RealPlayer don't play RTSP/RTP stream

    Hello Sirii,
    I am also thinking of writing our own RTSP streaming server . So your query is related to only RealPlayer . So can you please tell which other players you are talking about which has capability of RTSP and H.263 support.

    Thanks is advance.

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