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    Delphi 6 + SDK 3.0b compile error.

    I've just downloaded SDK3.0b, and I'm following the Nokia PC Connectivity SDK 3.0 - Component Library Reference.pdf, it say's to go to Project - Import Type Library, and look's like the things have changed, but if I do create unit, or install it get's me an error in this function:
    function TShortMessage.Get_UserData(index: Integer; out pVal: Byte): HResult;
    Result := DefaultInterface.Get_UserData[index, pVal];

    in this line: Result := DefaultInterface.Get_UserData[index, pVal];
    SMS3ASuiteLib_TLB.pas: not enought actual parameters
    What i'm doing wrong?

    Can anyone help me?
    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi there,
    the code must be

    Result := DefaultInterface.Get_UserData(index, pVal);

    and NOT

    Result := DefaultInterface.Get_UserData[index, pVal];

    Get_UserData is a proc, not an array, where ^ would be the right
    syntax. i changed this and it compiled, by the way, i wasnt
    able to use the delphi-samples with my 7210, it didnt find any
    memory. Hope you got more luck with it.


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