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    Should I go for PublisherID?

    I have been developing an application for managing WLAN.
    When I tried debugging it online, at link
    it gave the following result [along with a few other problems too ]

    Error: This file requires more capabilities than are signed for!

    The signing status of this SIS file does not support all the capabilities that it requires. Self-Signed (or unsigned, if allowed) SIS files may only have capabilities from the user grantable set, that is Network Services, Local Services, Read User Data, Write User Data, Location or User Environment.

    Remember: DLLs also have capabilites that need to be signed for, don't go giving them ALL-TCB!

    The offending capabilities are:

    * CommDD
    * PowerMgmt
    * MultimediaDD
    * ReadDeviceData
    * WriteDeviceData
    * DRM
    * TrustedUI
    * ProtServ
    * DiskAdmin
    * NetworkControl
    * AllFiles
    * SwEvent
    * SurroundingsDD
    Now, I have been trying for a Developer Certificate, but now I think I should go for a Verisign ACS PublisherID also since I am using some restricted capabilities, am I right?
    Please correct me if i am wrong somewhere.

    EDIT: Ok, I got it. I think I can manage with a developer certificate. But this waiting is terrible.
    I was reading some old manual [which came with carbide.c++]

    Also, is this an outdated process? here> http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...ad.php?t=94973
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    Re: Should I go for PublisherID?

    AFAIK yes some of those capabilities that u r intending to use would require an ACS Publisher ID and in some cases even manufacturer approval to go through Symbian signed..

    Check more :-



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