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    Monophonic Ringtones - Tempo

    It's me in London again! I've found that the Nokia PC Composer (PC Suite 4) is temperamental with playback tempos. Usually, it plays back slowly unless a high value (around 250-300) is entered in the tempo select box. However, when I opened a previously saved OTA file it suddenly started playing the tone many times faster than it had before, when I saved the tone, even though the tempo value was the same. What does the number mean? (Presumably beats per minute? Are these beats quarter notes (crotchets) - ie the black notes with a vertical line but no attached tail? What are the tempo ranges for phones? I apprecciate your help and advice!

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    RE: Monophonic Ringtones - Tempo

    As I just answered to your other question, we're not musicians here, but yes, beats-per-minute -- yes, the beats are quarter notes.

    The SmartMessagingSpex lists tempos from 25bpm (i.e. q-note lasts 2.40sec) to 900bpm (q-note lasts .06sec)

    -paul / ForumNokia

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