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    RApaLsSession and applications list


    I am using RApaLsSession::GetAllApps() to fetch and show in a list the applications list present on device. The list is shown to user so he can select and start one.
    However, the list contains some undesired applications: eg:
    ServiceManagerServer,CatLauncher_Download,Text msg. appears twice (2 different uids), some apps have the caption empty, etc.
    These undesired applications are not present in the normal applications Menu/view where the user usually scrolls and start them.
    I would like that list contain only that apps the user can see in device only as in the normal usage. Is any trick to do this other than check each uid and exclude it from list when I fetch and show it ?

    To start an app using its uid I am using :
    TFileName aFileDoc = _L("doc");
    TThreadId aThId;
    if(aLsSession.CreateDocument(aFileDoc,aTaskUid,aThId) == KErrNone)
    aStarted = ETrue;
    where aFileDoc is a dump file.
    Is any clever method to do this ?
    I am working on 3rd.

    Thank you.

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    Re: RApaLsSession and applications list

    I'd sugges you download Taskspy (see my homepage) and see the code and criteria I used to display the app list.

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    Re: RApaLsSession and applications list

    Hi PushL

    Saw the code. Thank you.
    Seems the solution you used is a good one

    Ive looked here with your permission:

    TApaAppCapabilityBuf capability;
    User::LeaveIfError(iApaLs.GetAppCapability(capability, appInfo.iUid));

    if (appInfo.iCaption.Length() > 0 && spaceChar < appInfo.iCaption.Length() && (!capability().iAppIsHidden || iSettings.iShowHiddenApps))


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