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    RE: Monophonic Ringtones - Looping

    You can make a 1 pattern Ring tone loop. You need to set the loop value of the pattern. If your program can't do this you probably won't be able to then. For instance :

    000 Pattern Header ID
    00 Pattern ID
    0010 <---------Loop Value, will play the loop 2 more times (3 total)

    this needs to be programmed when the ringtone is in binary, before Hex.

    Hope that helps

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    Monophonic Ringtones - Looping

    Hi everyone! Can you share your knowledge and help me? At the end of a monophonic ringtone, does the phone cycle the ringtone again from the start immediately (without a rest) so that it sounds continuous or is there always a break between a tone ending and starting again? Is there any way to make a continuous ringtone which cycles without a break? Do I have to stipulate anything or is it automatic? At the moment I'm usinng PC Composer from PC Suite 4. Which program would you recommend for producing OTA files? Hoping you can help me!

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