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    Exclamation wlan API is not working properly.


    I am using Nokia WLAN management API for my WLAN related Module.

    This API has different WLAN related callbacks.

    These 8 callbacks contains following two.
    NewNetworksDetected ()
    OldNetworksLost ()

    But unforunately I am not getting these two callbacks from the system.

    From the names, I gues that I should get NewNetworksDetected () When I come back to some new AP region and I should get OldNetworksLost () when I move out of WLAN region.

    I have tried many times moving out of WLAN region and coming nack in but I am not getting these notification.

    Can anyone please help me?

    I am using E61 device for testing.

    Is there any other API available which can be reliable? I mean are there any other callbacks which can inform me that device is now out of Wireless LAN and he is now back in WLAN. So I do not need to do polling.


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    Re: wlan API is not working properly.

    The WLAN Management API might rely on periodic WLAN scans performed by the device, and these might have been turned off by the user. In the N95, for example, periodic scans can be disabled in Tools->Settings->Connection->Wireless LAN.

    You can perform the scan yourself using RConnectionMonitor::GetPkgAttribute (see this example).

    This is indeed polling. However, WLAN Management API's notifications are probably also implemented by polling.

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