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    Push Registry problem


    I have an app. that sends and receives sms.
    I'm also using push registry.

    My problem is when the phone is turned off and I send it 10 sms's and turn it on again, it asks me whether to start the app (so far so good...) and while starting the app crush and goes back to the phone menu.
    this scenario happens only with the S60 phones.

    Following the Difference in SMS and PushRegistery behavior in Series 40 and S60 - TSJ000393.

    and the WMAExample (which doesnt take care of receiving many sms's with push registry) It seems The solution to the problem in TSJ000393 doesnt solves this case, or the solution is not clear enough.

    please help.

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    Re: Push Registry problem

    If the application is started normally and crashes after so, it's probably a problem with your code. The TSJ000393 ticket was designed as a solution to other problem.

    Try reading all SMSs using PushRegistry.listConnections(), because they are queued there. Also be sure to try/catch any exceptions your application may be throwing, because this is most likely the reason why it's getting crashed anyway.


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    Re: Push Registry problem

    In ticket TSJ000393 it is written to use PushRegistry.listConnections() in the startapp before registering the listener. it is impossible to read all messages because u dont know how message there are on the connection. I use one port for my push registry and i send 10 messages to the phone while it is off.
    pushRegistry.listConnection return with array with 1 connection only
    doing receive() I get only one message. I have 9 messages left on this connection, so using


    the receive will block untill there is a new message.
    which means i cant register a MessageListener.

    using a Message instead the while loop crashes the app when there are so many messages.

    Is there any other way to clean all the waiting messages from the line?
    (please notice u cant know how many messages there are.)

    I'm catching IOException and Exception, is there anything I'm missing ?


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    Re: Push Registry problem

    anybody have any idea???

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