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    WML deck and HTTP!

    Would anybody please tell me!
    How WEBSERVER identifies from
    the url that it should send not HTML
    but WML deck.
    For example when you go to the
    NOKIA WEBsite you write the
    same URL (www.nokia.com) as for
    Ms Internet Explorer so for Browser
    on the NOKIA phone but the
    results for NOKIA browser and MSIE
    are differernt - for former it is
    WML deck and for MSIE it is HTML page.

    Thank you,

    Posted by Vladislav Eroshin, vladis@eltegra.com
    on May 19, 2000 at 23:40

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    RE: WML deck and HTTP!

    Posted by Hong Ching Wong, hongching.wong@twc-sg.com
    on May 22, 2000 at 17:00


    Well you can write a server-side component(cgi,servlet,etc) that proccess the request in order to determine the useragent that's accessing your site.

    For my case, I used a servlet to check the user-agent to see if it's belongs to "nokia"(WML based browser-actual list is quite long) or to "mozilla"(html based browser..) then redirects the request to the appropriate wml or html file.For example my servlet is called index and is located at www.foo.com. A user accessing www.foo.com/servlet/index with IE5 will be redirected to www.foo.com/index.html or if it's a WAP phone, it will be redirected to www.foo.com/index.wml. You might also want to configure the web server(aliasing or setting the context) to start with the www.foo.com/servlet/index as the indexing page, thus users can access www.foo.com directly instead of keying in the entire url.

    Good Luck!

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