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    Uninstall Passive Content sis??

    My application is two sis files, one for the application engine and the other for the content (Audio, and some text). The content sis file should be optional for user to install or not. I do all of that and there is no problem here. But my question is that "I need to uninstall the content sis file when uninstalling the application? That is it. I don't want to force him installing the content but if user installed it, I want to uninstall it when uninstall the application"

    Is that possible

    Thanks for time and effort
    Eng. Ahmed Abo El Ella
    Software Developer

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    Re: Uninstall Passive Content sis??

    You can run a Exe at the time of uninstall that will uninstall your content Sis if it is available.

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    Re: Uninstall Passive Content sis??

    and for the task in 3rd edition, have a look into latest MR package, and the SwiUI::RSWInstLauncher class.


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