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    Unhappy Can AppTestLite test my sis?

    I whant to perform testing of my application with AppTestLite before sending for signing. My application sis file is signed by DevCert and ACS Cert. It contain several (~5) executable applications evryone of whem have an UID from protected range 0x2x. While installation one of the applications start automatically.
    I try to test it whith AppTestLite, but it report about internal error on 6/28 step. It just don't perform any test and display following message:

    Testing aborted:
    Internal error.
    See logs for detalis:
    Tere are a logs:

    Application: xxx
    Sis file: E:\SymbianSigned\xxx.sis
    Time: 12:00 August 23, 2007

    OK PKG-01 SIS has been signed with ACS Publisher ID.
    OK VeriSign certificate was found from certificate chain.
    error PKG-02 Can be installed and started.
    Error in testing (KErrNotFound). Test case not completed.
    not run PKG-03 The application creates files only on the drive it was installed onto.
    not run PKG-04 Uninstall provides complete removal of all files and the installed data.
    not run PKG-05 Can be installed to all available mass memories.
    not run PKG-06 Can be reinstalled successfully after uninstallation.
    OK PKG-07 UID and version for platform compatibility is appropriate for the target device.
    OK UID must be in correct range: 0x20000000 - 0x2FFFFFFF
    not run GEN-01 The application does not affect the use of the system features or other applications.
    not run GEN-02 Stress Test.
    not run MEM-02 Low Storage Memory During Execution.
    not run PHN-01 Service Interruption. (call, SMS, MMS, alarm, charger)
    not run PHN-02 Unexpected Reboot.
    not run CON-01 The application can be closed through the task list.
    not run CON-03 No billable events occur.
    script xml contain only keyup nd keydown events.

    I know what my sis file violates some restrictions to be tested by that tool:

    This tool can only test SIS packets which contain an application with the same UID as that of the SIS.
    • Applications which require a confirmation before exiting cannot be tested with this tool (“Do you really want to exit?”). Such an application cannot be closed from the task list.
    Also not supported are SIS packets which automatically launch the application during installation.
    • Games which are very CPU-intensive may cause problems in testing. (See chapter 7, Troubleshooting)
    • System applications cannot be tested.
    • The .SIS file should be signed with a valid ACS Publisher ID.
    But i still think what it should be pass 6th step well.

    I have following questions:

    1. How to make AppTestLite work on my sis?
    2. If 1st is impossible, is any other way for automatic testing.
    3. If 2nd, then I must aware Test House what this is not program bug and they must test my program manually?

    With best regards,

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    Re: Can AppTestLite test my sis?

    if your application doesn't meet one or more requirements in order to be tested by AppTestLite, there are some other ways to test your application, but nothing too deep.

    You can take a look here:


    Anyway, go to the page below and take a look at the commonest reasons why most applications fail on tests:


    If some of those reasons are present in your application, you must fix those aspects (if possible) in order to send it to the test house

    Best regards
    NokiaN80-1/3.0 (4.0707.0.7)

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