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Thread: Keypad symbols

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    Keypad symbols

    Hi All

    I know the following question is not for this forum but I would like to know from python brothers about my question:

    I would like to know that why on Nokia E-65 keypad there are some symbols like music notes or (like a hocky stick and more :-) ) only on keys 1,2,3,4,5.

    Secondly, I would like to know is that why there is two embossed vertical bars on key 5.

    And last I would like to know about an up arrow symbol on # key.

    ||Kiran ||
    Nokia E-65
    Nokia 7610
    Nokia N95 8GB
    Nokia E90
    Nokia 5110 !!
    Nokia 6110i !!

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    Re: Keypad symbols

    The hockey bars if i got the question right. I think its a symbol for voice messages. The embossed bars are proberly there to know by touch which pad your on, as it is on "J" and "F" on your qwerty keyboard..

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    Re: Keypad symbols

    Quote Originally Posted by krtrivdi View Post
    And last I would like to know about an up arrow symbol on # key.
    It's the shift key. You can use it to do multiple selection in list box for instance. From a list box just hold down the shift key (#) and use the up or down key to select multiple items from your list box.

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