I am trying to develop a Palm-OS application that allows the user to create a new ringtone and then transfer it to the phone through the infrared port.
Some guy (auvinent) told me the following:

"PC Composer uses Nokia proprietary interface to communicate with the phone. The interface specification is not available for public. Basically none of the Nokia handsets are able to send/forward ring tones other than those composed at phone. This is done to protect rights of the content owners."

After reading this i told to myself: then, how the heck does "MonkeyTone" from PrimateSys and "LogoManager" from ?? transfer
ringtones from a PDA (MonkeyTone) or from a Pc (LogoManager) to the Nokia Phone? Maybe you just don't want to give it to me .... why is that?

By the way, in my country, Venezuela, i can't use SMS to transfer ringtones because the operator changes the original SMS by putting the sender's phone number at the beggining of the message so if i send the following message:

//SCKL15811581070101 024A3A650DBD8D84B58DBDB18404142298EBEA2EC2EC2EC2EC3082EC2A82AC34C2E82682042080000

i will get this other message in the other side:

(2600441) //SCKL15811581070101 024A3A650DBD8D84B58DBDB18404142298EBEA2EC2EC2EC2EC3082EC2A82AC34C2E82682042080000

The Nokia phone won't recognize this as a binary nokia format.

Damn MOVILNET!!! (the only TDMA operator in Venezuela)

Please, look deeply into your heart, to see if you can help me!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out!!!

David J. Romero - Software developer
Maracaibo - Venezuela