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    Needs to send Ringtones and Logos via email

    I want to develop a site where I can send Ringtones and Logos via email. My questions are :
    1. Can I send Ringtones and Logos to nokia phones without using SMSC or any other hardware. I mean, pure email i.e number@carrier... (we can send SMS how about ringtones and logos?)
    2. Is it mobile service provider specific?
    3 What Ringtones/Logos format is required?

    Please help me if any one has a clue


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    RE: Needs to send Ringtones and Logos via email

    1.No, when sending email like that, the mail is sent to the carrier's SMSC to be forwarded to the mobile, and I'm guessing these will be sent to the mobile without looking at the content -- in this case they will *always* be sent as plain text, and as ringtones and logos must be sent to particular ports on the mobile, this will not work.
    2.Not really. I sincerely doubt that any service provider will allow you to send PDUs in a mail like that, and that when they notice "oh, this is a PDU", that they will send it in the way you intend.
    3.Ah! Hey - good point -- This might actually work if you are using the "plain text" method of sending ringtones, which is used a lot in the US. These are the //SCKL .... messages you have probably seen.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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