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    Question E90 fitting two TextFields on the same row


    I have a problem getting two MIDP 2.0 TextField components on the same row on Nokia E90.

    The document MIDP_2_0_intro.pdf by Nokia has the following code example:

    tfAreacode = new TextField("Phone:", null, 3, TextField.NUMERIC);
    tfAreacode.setLayout(Item.LAYOUT_SHRINK | Item.LAYOUT_2);
    tfNumber = new TextField(null, null, 7, TextField.NUMERIC);
    tfNumber.setLayout(Item.LAYOUT_SHRINK | Item.LAYOUT_2);

    According to the document this code should produce two TextFields on the same row.
    In older Communicator devices (9300, 9500) this seems to work.
    On E90 the code produces two TextFields on consecutive rows.

    Is there a workaround to get two TextFields fitted on the same row on E90?
    Is this bug going to be fixed in the future?

    I mean it clearly must be counted as a bug if one can't have two parallel TextFields on a screen 800 pixels wide.
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    Re: E90 fitting two TextFields on the same row

    Hello kmaijala,

    this has been noted as Known Issue in Forum Nokia Wiki:


    Unfortunately no workaround currently exists.

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