Hi All,

We're using the WMA technology in our project on Nokia phone and everything works very fine. However, We'd like to have a confirmation regarding to a case that If a sender sends an sms with port assigned(say port 16000~16999) by using a J2ME application, to a device which doesn't have any application registered to any port at all, will this sms end up be redirected to the device's native inbox? or simply discarded by the device's application managemen software(AMS)?

We've been doing some experiments and found that the result is vary from different telcos simcards and different phone model. So far, we've only tested that Nokia Series 40 handsets without application registered to its port will not receive the sms with port assigned. provided that both are using same telcos simcard.

We have been looking through all the provided WMA documentation API and other online articles, unfortunately we don't see any documentation stated on this issue.

Any assistance is very much appreicated.

Thank you.