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    3510 sometimes delivers 406 errors


    some of our customers have complained, that when they download a polyphonic ringtone with their 3510, they get a "Unkown Format" erroe (aka 406).

    Unfortunately we have not been able to re-produce that result, but I think we can exclude foul play.

    Are there any known software problems / sw versions that can reproduce this error. The files are MIDI and not SP-Midi as we prefer to use both files for better usage of space (seing that the NO's still enforce a max download size here and there SP-Midi would be a 'waste of space' as 'irrelevent data' would get transmitted otherwise.

    On sw version 3.2 and 3.37 the propblem could not be reproduced, but we definitely know from a user with 3.11 that has that problem.

    Oh and the MIME is properly set (I would not be able to d/l onto our test phones otherwise).

    Could it be that in poor reception areas the MIME information gets 'dropped' which would explain a lot ?



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    RE: 3510 sometimes delivers 406 errors


    Can you give me some address where we can test the download? If you don't want to give it here publicly, you can e-mail it to the smart.messaging@nokia.com.

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