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    LBS Web Application


    does anyone know if there is a way to develope some kind of lbs web application? What I am thinking of is to enhance the request parameters and/or headers to include the GPS coordinates (if the phone is somehow connected to a gps device) or the cellID (if the ID is accessable by the device)? Is that possible with the native Nokia Browser and/or Opera Mini?



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    Re: LBS Web Application


    Probably the best idea would be to write Symbian/J2ME/python application that acquires location data (GPS, cellIDs) and interacts with the web service (e.g. application with its own UI that may open your 'location aware URL' in S60 web browser component).

    It's worth to note that in the near future you will have 'widgets' (S60 3rd FP2) and possibility to get GPS position (this option will be available in next gen 'widgets' platform after S60 3rd FP2), so creating widgets like 'show me the weather where I am now' will be possible. Till then I see the following solution: small server working in your smartphone on chosen port that serves location data through your own simple protocol and requesting this information by using javascript in your page (should work on S60 Nokia Browser).


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