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    N6131 Secure Ele Version


    As we all know Nokia 6131 NFC secure element is a Java Card, does anyone know what version is it on?

    I compile a CAP on JC2.2.2 and is unable to install on it. When i look around, it could have been a version mismatch.

    Anyone have any information?

    Thanks and Best Regards

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    Re: N6131 Secure Ele Version

    I think it's Java Card 2.2.1
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    Re: N6131 Secure Ele Version

    Here are the technical details of the secure element integrated in Nokia 6131 NFC:

    The operating system is Giesecke & Devrient’s (G&D) Sm@rtCafé Expert 3.1.

    The secure element consists of Java Card area and Mifare 4K area (behaves also as Mifare 1k) for tag emulation. The Java Card area is compliant to Global Platform 2.1.1 (http://www.globalplatform.org/specif...ew.asp?id=card) and compliant to Java Card 2.2.1 (http://java.sun.com/products/javacard).

    Applets in Java Card area can access the Mifare 4k area with G&D specific libraries (ExtSystem) provided by Sm@rtCafé® Professional Toolkit.
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    Re: N6131 Secure Ele Version


    How can i connect read/write data into secure-element(internal.se.url) or internal mifare(internal.mf.url) without signing code? Or I want to write a test application, how can i make my own certifications and push them to the Nokia 6131 NFC?

    Thanks and Best regards,

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