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    "make a call" link


    How do I create a link with the text "Call this number"...
    I want to link a specific number to the "use number function" because there are other numbers to chose from in the wml page


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    RE: "make a call" link


    You can use WTAI Public Library MakeCAll function. Here is a simple code example:

    <do type="prev">
    <card id="te" title="Make call URI">
    <do type="accept" name="d2" label="Show Result">
    <refresh><setvar name="blah" value="$(result:noesc)"/></refresh>
    <do type="accept" name="d3" label="Clear Result">
    <refresh><setvar name="blah" value=""/></refresh>
    <a href="wtai://wp/mc;+35812345678!result">Call me!</a>

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    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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