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    Query regarding symbian signing

    Hi All,

    I have a small query regarding PKG-03 [File Creation Location] of symbian signed test criteria 2_11_0_1 document.

    1. Is it only applicable to installation time or run time of an application.

    2. I have an ini file which the contains the location of the data to be created by an application. If the application is installed on Storage card (E:\) and if the location of the files to be created mentioned in the ini file is "c:\" , will it fail the symbian signing test criteria? Will it not fall under the category of "Explicit request by the user" ?

    Any links on this will be helpful.


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    Re: Query regarding symbian signing

    Yes, it will fail.

    You should not be creating any file on internal phone memory without first asking the user, or at least having a very good reason for it.
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    Re: Query regarding symbian signing

    Should this user permission dialog be displayed at installation time of the applciation or at the run time of the application when it starts creating the files?

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    Re: Query regarding symbian signing

    It is required at installation time ...if u want to stored on internal memory ...
    Please refer signing doc ...


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