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    Password in connect string.

    When connecting to a Basic Authentication wap site you need to enter a pass and a login to enter the site.

    What i want is that i can enter the pass and the login in the www string eq to what is posible with a normail Internet browser :


    Does anyone know a way to do so in a wap connection. (Bookmark, startpage)

    Thanks, Bas.

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    RE: Password in connect string.


    I hope I understood your problem correctly. I don't see any problem here, just go to browser application, choose "Go to url" and type in the url you want. I tested with this http://user:login@mysite.com url and got to a site that says coming soon

    sannah/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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    Can you confirm whether the username is actually getting to the WAP server?

    In my experience with a Nokia 7210, the username and password are stripped from the URL before reaching the server, and login fails as no username and password are supplied to the server.

    Servers that do not require login work fine where a login is provided (but not needed).

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