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    MFBlock.write to sector trailer problem


    I use MFBlock.write(key, src,dstoffset) to write to a sector trailer. I write 16 bytes and they contain a valid sector trailer (0xd3 0xf7 0xd3 0xf7 0xd3 0xf7 0x7f 0x07 0x88 0x40 0xff 0xff 0xff 0xff 0xff 0xff). I write at offset 0 of block 3.

    I get an IllegalArgumentException back. The docs say
    However if writing sector trailers and the amount of data isn't a multiple of the block size then an IllegalArgumentException will be thrown
    So I would expect this to succeed.

    I'm writing to the mifare emulation on the secure element.
    The SE has been unlocked, I checked an all trailers are set to default.
    The midlet is signed and can successfully talk to the secure element.

    any ideas how I could write this sector trailer to the mifare emulation?

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    Re: MFBlock.write to sector trailer problem

    ok sorry,
    i was using MFBlock.write(key, data,0,0,16) and that gave an illegalargumentexception. If i use MFBlock.write(key, data, 0) it works. strange, but if it works...



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    Re: MFBlock.write to sector trailer problem

    Shouldn't it have been MFBlock.write(key, data,0,16,0), not MFBlock.write(key, data,0,0,16)?

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    Re: MFBlock.write to sector trailer problem

    you're right. I should have read the docs


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