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    Lightbulb Answer to Retrieving SMS Sender Number

    I came across lots of people asking how to retrieve the Sender's number from a received SMS in Python even if the contact is in your contacts database.
    Here is a quick fix:

    # Contact Number from Contacts dB
    # XenoArts - John Robert Planta
    import contacts           #import contact db
    db = contacts.open()   #store in a variable "db"
    def getSenderNum(sms_sender): 
    	found = db.find(sms_sender)   #find in database the contact name
    	try: found                   #check if found
    	except NameError:
    		senderData = found[0]
    		senderNum = senderData.find("mobile_number")[0].value
    		senderNum = sms_sender
    	return senderNum   
    #now all you have to do is assign a variable the number of that contact name
    mobileNum = getSenderNum(contactName)
    #change contactName to whatever variable you stored your  ripped contact
    Incorporate this to your code to be able to get the number.
    Good Luck.
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