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    Question [E65] how to receive TV with my mobile ?


    I have a nokia E65 (unlocked) and I have an option Internet + an option TV to "Orange"....but I can't receive TV because my nokia is not an "orange mobile", so it is without a special logiciel to receive tv.
    Where can I find this type of logiciel ?
    Thank you for your respons.

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    Re: [E65] how to receive TV with my mobile ?

    The E65 does not have any analog TV, digital TV (terrestrial, satellite) or even mobile TV (DVB-T, etc.) broadcast receiver hardware, so it cannot directly receive and show any actual television broadcasts.

    What you're talking about is probably just an Orange video (television) streaming service (not broadcast TV as we know it), and might not work unless you're an Orange subscriber (you have/use an Orange SIM in the phone).

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