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    py2sis COMPILE error

    I'm trying to compile my python script in order to generate a .sis for 3rd ed S60 phone. I have the complete requirements:
    - Symbian SDK
    - Python 2.5
    - Python Plugin for S60 3rd ed

    In command window I enter:

    python py2sis.py snake.py --uid=0x01234567 --sdk30 --caps="NetworkServices LocalServices ReadUserData WriteUserData Location" --leavetemp

    then it generates:
    Processing templates (All of these template processes)
    and finally
    But with an error below it that says:

    ERROR [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '\\Epoc32\\release\\GCCE\\UREL\\snake_0x01234567.exe'

    I checked the directory listed above and found a snake_0x01234567.exe.map inside. Where could I've gone wrong?
    Thanks & More Power.

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    Re: py2sis COMPILE error

    Try with ensymble. Its working great with 3rd...

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    Re: py2sis COMPILE error

    Ok. Tnx. Btw, how can I include a PythonInterpreter in the package to install? So that even mobiles with no Pythons running in their systems could install and use the app. Tnx.

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