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    Thumbs up Flash Lite 2.x on Nokia devices

    The latest specs for Series 40 and 60 include Flash Lite 2.0 (or 2.1) support. The devices really have support for FL 2.x, but unfortunately its almost impossible to develop production ready FL applications. Here are my thoughts:
    - It would be nice if FL had an Application Manager as Java has. On Series 60 we can bundle the SWF on a sis file, but on Series 40 we just can have an swf somewhere on the mobile phone;
    - The FL integration with the phone browser simply can't be used to develop production applications:
    - SWF files included on markup pages won't work with user interactivity;
    - If you ask the browser to open directly the SWF file you will have lot's of interaction with the user ("do you want to play the swf" on Series40; if your SWF tries to access the network, the user will be prompted to select the network even if it is already connected);
    - If you have a markup page which links directly to an SWF, it will execute correctly on Series 60, and on Series40 the user will be prompted to "play". Finally, if you try to open a Markup page from the SWF, it won't work (Tested on a NokiaN95). Suppose you want to replace a subset of a mobile portal with Flash Lite (Stock market, for instance)...this is simple impossible to achieve (at least in a user friendly way..which is the same to say: not any mobile portal owner will buy this application).

    I work on a company which has been developing FL demos for almost two years. We have done some interesting demos, which have been presented to some mobile network operators and content/gaming companies. Unfortunately, until now, we couldn't achieve the market because of all these details/problerms. SonyEricsson also have this kind of questions/problems and they are starting to listen to developers. Please check http://developer.sonyericsson.com/th...40504&tstart=0

    It's frustrating for developers to have the technology on the mobile phone, and you can't use it with all its potential. You just can go a little further than demos.

    I think Flash Lite has a huge potential (even bigger than Java), but there are still lot's of questions/details to address.

    Is Nokia really “betting” on Flash Lite? I think yes because it has been included on the latest specs. Do you have plans to make FL applications more user friendly and usable? What's your opinion about all the problems referred above?

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards.

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    Re: Flash Lite 2.x on Nokia devices

    Thanks for your feedback, presentTech!

    I'll pass this to the dev team.

    Also note that some of the issues are dependent of not only Nokia but also Adobe. For example there is no Application Manager specification from Adobe so all platforms handle that a little differently.

    Is Nokia "betting" on FL? The answer is yes. We have a roadmap for FL the same way we have roadmaps for other runtimes present on our devices. Also we have been and are working closely with Adobe to have FL on our devices. In fact S60 has been the reference platform for FL already for some time.

    bets regards

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    Re: Flash Lite 2.x on Nokia devices

    Hi Hartti,
    Many thanks for your reply. Its nice to know that Nokia is actively working with Adobe on a strategy/rodamap for Flash Lite. As a developer, I wish that all the problems would be addressed. The FL implementation is already on the devices, its only a matter of integrating it the best way possible with other components of devices:
    - Full integration with the mobile phone browser (Embed SWF's on markup pages transparently for the user);
    - Application Manager for SWFs;
    - Remove the "Play" which appears on Series 40 FL applications;
    - ....

    Who is responsible for the FL implementation available on Series 40 and Seris 60 devices? Nokia or Adobe? Which is the preferred way to submit questions/doubts about Flash Lite on Nokia devices?

    Regarding the roadmap...can you share some of the news with us?

    Many thanks.
    Best Regards.

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    Re: Flash Lite 2.x on Nokia devices

    It is Adobe's implementation that Nokia includes/integrated with the phone sw.

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