BTW, if anyone, like me, has been having trouble making sure the encoding of their files is correct, please allow me to recommend notepad++.

It has a menu called 'Format' with the items :

- convert to Windows format
- convert to Unix format
- convert to Mac format
- Encode in ANSI
- Encode in UTF-8
- Encode in UCS-2 Big Endian
- Encode in UCS-2 Little Endian
- UTF-8 without BOM
None of the Microsoft nebulous 'unicode' references and no guessing required.

Just that one menu has been so much help for me. I can see that the encoding for the FT files that works is UCS-2 Little Endian, so I can convert all my files to that.

Also of note is the 'iconv' tool, which comes with Cygwin. It can be useful for scripts (for example, perl doesn't handle anything other than ansi and utf-8, so when you want to preprocess files, have them stored in utf-8, preprocess them as utf-8, then, when you're done, use 'iconv' to convert them).

I hope I haven't got any of this wrong...