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    RE: How to test content preview?


    The only way to test the content preview is to use actual device. There is no simulator or other tools available for testing. However, creating the content with the publishing toolkit should be straight forward and there shouldn't be any problems with it. "On-the-phone content preview" - Specification, available at http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,35452,1_41_3_1,00.html, specifies the content that can be packed to the .mm -file.

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    How to test content preview?


    I am doing a "proof of concept" prototype development for content preview. I encoded my content (a GIF file) using the Nokia Content Publishing Toolkit and set it up on a WAP server.

    I don't have a 3410 device. I have only the 3410 J2ME emulator. And there is no 3410 WAP emulator available on the forum website which will interwork with the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.1.

    How can I test "content preview" in this situation. I understand that the content has to be downloaded using WAP to a 3410 device and the device will recognize the "*.mm" format and act accordingly, asking the user if he wants to preview, etc.

    I have discussed this with my Manager (Mr. Haroon Ahmed, Director, Architecture, hahmed@wysdom.com). You can respond to me (ptambe@wysdom.com) or to him.



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