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    why my app is not shown in emulator?....due to i have change UID

    hi all,

    I am facing 1 problem in carbide vs1.2
    I made a new project for my app. and it was working fine means it was shown successfully in the emulator.

    But after some days i came to know that my privious UID does not comes in protected range.so I changed the UID of my app and also changed the file names which are going to be created after building my app i mean myapp_newUID.rsc, .exe etc. and again rebuilded.then I loaded the sis on device and it worked fine but I cant able to see my app on emulator.I even dosent seen icon of my app on emulator. If I am going to click on the blank space where my app's icon is supposed to be shown it directly panics with error
    App closed:Menu

    as I want to debuff my app. i want it to be shown on emulator.
    BTW i also deleted the files myapp_priviousUID.rsc from folder
    and myapp_priviousUID.exe from

    any pointer in this regard will be highly appreciated.


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    Re: why my app is not shown in emulator?....due to i have change UID

    (I'll assume you've made absolutely sure that you've actually changed the UID everywhere.) I've had problems with resource files not being updated correctly in the past. To get them to rebuild properly I've sometimes had to manually remove the old .rsc files before building the new ones. You might want to remove the old _reg.rsc file as well.
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    Re: why my app is not shown in emulator?....due to i have change UID

    hi ptrmn,

    thanks for your reply.
    Yah i tried all the ways.I searched with that old uid name and deleted all the files concerned with that....but still having same prob.
    ohhhh the panic i am getting is EICON-LISTBOX 5 which shows that "Invalid Current Item Index Specified" ....
    Actually the same code running fine on device i mean the listbox i want to show is shown properly.
    But not getting why it is not shown on emulator...


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    Re: why my app is not shown in emulator?....due to i have change UID

    u might have forgot to change the rsg or rsc file name which u included in ur cpp or header file.

    coz if u change the application name the rsc file generated by system also wil have diffrent name.

    so u should update there also

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