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    Question Calling cards: Replace "+" with "00" in case of dialling contacts via DTMF

    Hi all

    I want to use a calling card with my Nokia 6280

    I added to my contacts the calling card number with UserID and PIN.
    - The calling card number is: +41321234567
    - The UserID is:1234
    - The PIN is: 0000
    - The following number is stored in the contact: +41321234567p1234*0000#w

    After I dialled this number I get dial tone and I am able to press search to open the contacts.

    If I select a number, which is stored with a "+", the following error occurs: Invalid speed dial
    If I select a number without a + at the beginning it works.

    Is there a possibility to replace "+" with "00" in case of dialling contacts via DTMF?


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    Re: Calling cards: Replace "+" with "00" in case of dialling contacts via DTMF

    it depends on the network.

    As both "00" and "+" are prefixes for international calls, they should work in the same way.

    In my network, only "+" is accepted though

    best regards
    NokiaN80-1/3.0 (4.0707.0.7)

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