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Thread: ISO 11784 tags

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    ISO 11784 tags


    I read from Nokia 6131 NFC – FAQs:
    "TargetType.RFID_TAG for general RFID tags"
    does it mean that this device and included java apis can read any type of RFID tags?

    Actually i have more specific question:
    Is it possible to build java midlet for Nokia 6131 NFC that reads livestock tags with following specification:

    RFID Compatibility: ISO 11784 Compliant
    Duplex Mode: HDX (or FDX-B)
    Operating Frequency: 134.2 KHz
    Power: Passive (inductively powered from transceiver reading equipment)
    Agency Certifications: ISO 11785/ ISO 11784/ ICAR Approved/FCC approved

    many thanks in advance!

    with greetings,
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    Re: ISO 11784 tags

    only ISO14443 compliant tags (includes NFC forum tags, mifare, DESFire, contactless smart cards,...). It only includes 13.56 MHz communication, no other frequency.

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