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    Thumbs up Mp3-Mp4 player programming

    Hello everybody
    I am very new to j2me programming and now i want to create mp3 and mp4 players for with H264 codec. I have gone through the pdf files of nokia forum links but doesn't get any help.

    I have come to know that it is the licensed issue to check the mp3 players on emulators. And currently I am not having any testing mobile with me. I will arrange for it very soon.

    Can any body help me out

    Ankit Thakur

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    Re: Mp3-Mp4 player programming


    As you say the H264 codec is fairly new and only supported on a few actual devices. Most emulators are a no go becuase they haven't licenced the format, the exception is the Sprint Wireless Toolkit which supports H264 content so you can test using their emulators if you are desperate.


    Jason Delport

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    Re: Mp3-Mp4 player programming

    This document contains information which audio and video formats are supported on various Nokia devices from Java ME

    You cannot really implement your own codec, as you would need to have low-level access to the loudspeaker to get the sounds out and you do not have that in Java ME. Basically you need to live with whatevet formats the environment supports (and of course they vary from phone to phone)


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