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    How to activate another view on selection of Setting List item

    Hi All

    I'm working with Setting list. I want that whenever I select particular item of setting list it should activate another view. I achieve to some extent in offerkeyEventL() function as follows:

    TKeyResponse CMedicinePlannerView::OfferKeyEventL(const TKeyEvent& aKeyEvent,TEventCode aType)
    TKeyResponse aResponse;

    if ( aType != EEventKey ) // Is not key event?
    return EKeyWasNotConsumed;
    switch ( aKeyEvent.iCode ) // The code of key event is...
    const TInt current = m_pMedicinePlannerList- >ListBox()->CurrentItemIndex();
    case 0:
    //This view which I want to activate on this list item

    But problem is that when I select setting list item and click OK it shows item's editor. Actually I don't want to show this editor.
    If anybody know, plz. help me.


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    Re: How to activate another view on selection of Setting List item

    I am not entirely sure about this but i think on selecting the Setting List Item
    the control goes into the EditItemL() of the Setting List. Maybe you could somehow do the View Activation here??

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    Re: How to activate another view on selection of Setting List item

    This is view or container file?

    If this is a view file (derived from CAknView), you can change view by AppUi()->ActivateLocalViewL(TUid::Uid(EDosesTimeListBoxView));

    Or if this is a container file (derived from CCoeControl), you can use:
    CMedicinePlannerAppUi *iappui=(CMedicinePlannerAppUi *)CEikonEnv::Static()->EikAppUi();
    and you have to include "CMedicinePlannerAppUi .h" at the header of file.

    I think this is a container file because OfferKeyEventL() function is usually in container file but it's name is "...View" ???

    Hope this can help you!

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