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    Symbian OS 7.0 SDK for Nokia 9500

    i'm using this sdk for 7 months, actually i begun my developing career in symbian using this one, i'm using c++, i struggled a lot here developing gui like image button,custom dialog, progress bar, audio recording, listbox, comnbox, ... manipulating them, also hv done too many file operations,...lots of things, but they require almost 4 months to grasp and implement, but when its comes to NETWORKING i only successful in UDP data send, NOT RECEIVE,...i'm not even getting successful in TCP Connection....no problem with the code, i didnot have any book on Symbian Networking, i used Nokia SDK help, recently i hv tried the concepts of Mobile Phone Programming and its Application to Wireless Networking of Springer series edited by Frank HP FitZek and Frank Reichert...same result with this SDK...can anyone tell what is the problem with this sdk?

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    Re: Symbian OS 7.0 SDK for Nokia 9500

    there's nothing specially wrong with the SDKs.

    Basicallt there were some TCP/IP examples available on the S60 2nd ed SDKs, so maybe you could try code from them.


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    to mr.yucca

    i want to write a .app program that can send and recieve data in UDP, i knw i can manage them both using active objects, but to test first i tried message send first and i was successful, but testing if it receives data from a linux based client program i always get receiving error

    after doing necessary connection to socket server and other declarations in app ui header and source files i did the followings....

    //UDP client socket open

    User::LeaveIfError(err1=iSocket.Open(iSocketServ, KAfInet, KSockDatagram, KProtocolInetUdp));

    //socket open check
    if(err1 != KErrNone)
    _LIT(message,"Socket server error");
    CCknInfoDialog::RunDlgLD(title, message);

    TInetAddr iSAddress,iOther;
    TRequestStatus iStatus;

    // setting up local address

    //binding the socket
    TInt err2;
    if(err2 != KErrNone)
    _LIT(message,"bind error");
    CCknInfoDialog::RunDlgLD(title, message);

    TBuf8<3> recBuf;

    // receiving from the destination

    iSocket.RecvFrom (recBuf,iOther,0,iStatus);
    if(iStatus.Int() != KErrNone)
    _LIT(message,"receive Error");
    CCknInfoDialog::RunDlgLD(title, message);

    ....after that necessary closer ...etc
    program hangs after RecvFrom ...

    can you help me, we are doing e-gov research in india, and my job is to take care if symbian can be part of it different e-gov based solutions, if i fail here in data transfer and receive, symbian will loss its recom. and i shall return back to my old domain linux,c

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