As adviced by Raluca_, I have updated the firmaware of my 6131 in a Nokia support center.
So I have now th e 5.11 firmware but I still have an issue with transmission of Business Card.

I have a Type 4 tag in which I am able to Transmit:
- text message
- bookmark
- call request

But when it comes to Business card, the 6131 start reading the tag but then the screen becomes blank. It seems that the phone reboots.

I have debugged it with a spy and found that first apdus are correct. Select CC files, select NDEF file. But then the write command from 6131 is D6 instruction but with data field made of only 2 bytes at 00.

Can someone tell me if he was able to transmit business card with firmware 5.11?
Can you also provide me with the binay NDEF file containing business card with jpeg image of the contact?