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    How To Read internal Tag ID 6131 NFC

    I wish to read the ID of the Tag from within a Midlet. This ID is the same that is displayed to external readers.
    I have tried the various demos in the emulator but require a certificate for a real handset.
    However, as I do not want to do anything with the secure element (and as the ID is broadcast anyway all all readers) I am hoping there is a simple way for me to read it without any special permissions etc.
    Any help appreciated.


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    Re: How To Read internal Tag ID 6131 NFC


    You cannot get the UID of the phones own secure element without certificate. So if you want to get it you have to sign your MIDlet.

    You have probably already read this, but here is the link to the thread about getting UID with certificate: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=115108

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