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    MMS display problems.


    I am currently developing an application that pushes multimedia content to mobile phones: text file + jpeg image + amr sound file.
    As MMSC i am using the one at NDH Finland. As a test mobile phone i am using a Jornada 928 with EzOS EzWAP MMS client. I am successfully able to receive notification sms and retreive the message.

    But i am having problems displaying the mms. more specifically.

    1) When i send a jpeg image alone it is correctly displayed (the same for amr sound file). But when I send a text file alone it is not displayed at all in my client. Should the text file be in an encoding other than ascii ?

    2) Combining parts such as jpeg + amr causes one part to be displayed and not the other. Is this a problem of presentation file missing or the software acting as a client ?

    3) this is a less crucial problem, but my jpegs are being resized. is it the NDH MMSC in Finalnd that is doing this ?

    If anyone can help i'll appreciate it.



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    RE: MMS display problems.

    yes your mmsc converts the mms content of your message depending on the capability of the user agent (mobile phone). if your user agent accepts an image file with a less resolution the mmsc degrades the image so that it can be seen by your phone.

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