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    Application Manager memory full ??? Plz help

    whats the use of having large capacity memory cards? Im using E61i ... 1 gig micro sd installed...just formated my phone and installed 88 application.... yes its 88 ( not a typo ) ... i thought "hey i got lots of memory space....so what the hell" i installed all kinds of applications.... 88

    but when i go to application manager ... it says application manager memory full LOL...and cant display all the installed applications tried restarting the phone.... still the same problem.... my phone memory still got around 70 % memory left ... and my memory card only been used 130mb and still got around 800mb left...so whats the deal?

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    Re: Application Manager memory full ??? Plz help

    Welcome to Forum Nokia, ntanmizi.

    Well, the deal is the memory that's low is the RAM memory (not phone memory or memory card) used to run applications.
    In S60 3rd edition, application manager is really slow, and assuming you've installed 88 applications, it's no wonder you've getting "memory full".

    It isn't a problem of your phone only, but seems like a generic issue in 3rd edition (it doesn't apply to 3rd edition Feature Pack 1), as i've already heard complaints of this problem happening to a N80, though the user went even farther than you (he'd installed more than 100 applications)

    what i have to tell you is probably what you wouldn't want to hear: install only the most important applications.Otherwise, you may have problems with the "App. Manager"

    best regards
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